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2022 Newest smart home solution for a modern home

Time:2022-09-02 Views:232

Smart home and innovative Security solution for a modern home(图1)

What's is the ZudSec:  Smart Life Smart Living 

With strength on IoT, AI and cloud computing technologies, ZudSec provides more secure, energy-saving &

comfortable smart home solutions for customers worldwide. 

We envision a world where all individuals enjoy personal and property security at home and at work and 

the freedom to choose their own lifestyle.

Powerful features:

- Remotely control home appliance from anywhere.

- Add and control multiple devices at once with one App

- Voice control via Amazon Echo and Google Home

- Interworking of multiple smart devices

- Devices automaticallyt start/stop working based on termperature, location and time.

- Easily share devices among familty members

- Receive real-time alerts to ensure safety.

- Easily and quickly connect Smart life App to devices 

- Reliable. Effective. Affordable

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