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Electromagnetic Door Holder: ZDDH-001

Basic Wall Mount Door Holder


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  • Dual Voltage 12/24VDC(Adjustable)

  • Fail Safe Security settings

  • Holding Force: 60kg(120Lbs)

  • MOV provides Reverse current protection

  • Wall Mounted

  • Low-Power design

  • Suitable for: All Kind of the Single & Double Smokeproof Door

Basic Wall Mount Door Holder: standard type wall mount door holder.which adopts low power consumption, that makes it more environment friendly and more durable. The Holding Force(Collinear Load) is 60kg(120Lbs)Professional anti-residual magnetism design ensures highest security. It will release automatically the fire door when fire alarms. It also contains build-out release button for testing and build-in MOV which reverse current protection.

                                     Basic Wall Mount Door Holder(图1)

- Dual Voltage 12/24VDC(Adjustable)
- MOV provides Reverse current protection.
- Wall Mounted
- Low-Power design
- Fail Safe Security settings
- Durable operation

  • Holding Force: 60kg(120Lbs) 

  • Input Vatage: 12/24VDC 

  • Current Draw:  DC12V/170mA or DC24V/85mA 

  • Suitable for:   All Kind of the Single & Double Smokeproof Door 

  • Finishes for Shell High temperature paint and Environmental protection zinc 

  • Finishes for Armature Zinc 

  • Environment humidity: ≤ 95% RH (no congelation);

  • Operating temp. :-10 to +50° 

  • Dimensions: 80Lx80Wx40Hmm; Weight 0.76kg


Basic Wall Mount Door Holder(图1)

Package Contents: 

  • Standard Exporting Packing Box